Ordo missions not refreshing


Logged on this Moday morning and my Ordo Malleus missions from the last week were still marked as complete, unable to pick new ones, and the refresh timer showed 7days. Don't think that's normal.

Also, my VC is still broken. Really don't mean to rush you but it's been almost a week, not being able to run VCs is not fun(

Account name: DRommel

Ingame name: Rommel

Platform: PC

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Ordo missions not refreshing
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73 days ago

The fix apparently worked, Ordo missions and Glory reset properly, thanks!

However, my VC problem still persists - in the middle of an Ebony VC, missions I finished since last week's patch don't count as complete and are greyed out, and I get no rewards or progress.

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74 days ago
We are on the problem and a script will resolve the problem, though we will probably activate it at midnight.