Ordnance Seeker


I am playing warhammer 40k inquisitor with PS4.

So I encountered trouble related to the trophy.I could open 100 supply chests but Ordnance Seeker trophy was not released><

How can I get this Ordnance Seeker trophy?


my character name:Se_Rio


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Ordnance Seeker
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2 years 250 days ago

I love this game!!!

I hope various problems will be solved with the next update will!!!

2 years 257 days ago
You cannot get it through deleting your data.

We made some changes on our end please run a couple more solo and coop missions and open supply chests!
In case it hasn't appeared hopefully the next update will unlock it for you cause trophy counts can stuck sometimes.
Hopefully this will apply for the Grenadier trophy as well!

2 years 261 days ago
Thank you for seeing my post!
I am playing as much as solo and multi.I am already playing enough to get Grenadier trophy><
Can I take Ordnance Seeker by deleting savedata and restarting the game?

2 years 265 days ago
I am having the same trouble, but on XB1. I have played several missions solo and via multiplayer but the tracker is still frozen on 99 no matter how many supply crates I open.
2 years 265 days ago

are you running missions mostly in Multiplayer? Please run a couple of single missions as well and check if the trophy pops up.