Option to Disable Chat-Window


I wish, there would be an option to disable the chat-window. I dont want to chat while purging, and i´ll be playing all alone (maybe sometimes with a RL-Friend but we will be using Skype there), so the chat-window has no use for me (personal, i know may people like to chat with totaly strangers, but i am not into that).

Quite the contrary, i am disturbed by the chat-window on any given occasions. While fighting, with enemies in the area where the chat is, it pops up and i have to turn the cam, which costs time and maybe my Inquisitors life, because i am destracted.

Maybe there are more people who enjoy an ingame chat, i personally don´t. Maybe there are some others that dont like this, and hopefully there will an option implimented therefore. And i mean just an optional Funtion to disable it. Don´t want to take the possibility to chat away for those who like to.

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Option to Disable Chat-Window
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6 years 294 days ago
Well... your wishes came true with the newest 0.6.1 patch, so now you can close the chat! ;)
6 years 297 days ago

This feature has been requested many times - and also added to our "feature requests" notes.

Hopefully soon, you will be able to disable the chat.

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6 years 297 days ago

Each to there own. I get feed up with it as well. I am sure there will be chat settings on there way, but the main challenge ATM is game play and getting it right.