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There are multiple mission types in Warhammer 40,000: Inquisitor – Martyr, some of them will be tied to a single planet, but there will be Grand Investigations as well where you need to visit many different planets, for example, when seaching for a sacred Relic.

The Imperium has a specific classification system for different world types, most of these will be represented in the game, and for each kind of world you’ll encounter specific terrains, enemies and mission types. For example, you’ll more likely confront sects and heretics in a more urban environment of a Hive World teeming with life.

You might be visiting a harsh Death World, an abundant Agri-World, or a stern Forge World, your missions and their briefing will always give a sense of consistency.

Of course, the only exception might be Chaos itself, as it has no regard for different environments. It can show up in the most unexpected places, as a sudden incursion can occur at any time. Take that into account when journeying… anywhere.

So, what kind of world would you like to visit in Warhammer 40,000: Inquisitor – Martyr?

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7 years 21 days ago

According to the rules of RPGs there will be at least one forest map, one lava map, one ice map and one sewer map.

7 years 100 days ago

I love the galactic map and how you can go to a lot of places, but I'm concerned on the environments in the later game starting to all blend together and feel the same.  Ca you guy elaborate on how many different environments we will be seeing and if there will opportunities to go into the large Dreadnoughts and fight Gene Stealers?

Will there be a lot of different looking interiors and places that have unique looks to them?

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