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Behold the new rendering of the nebulae!

Tamás Mélykuti, our Senior Engine Coder shares some insights:

“When I started to work on the look of the in-game nebulae, I collected and looked at multiple references, such as the Hubble photos to see how the nebulae react to light. I also looked at digital art, paintings to see how different artists were inspired. This is how I found Teun van der Zalm, whose space art impressed me greatly.

Since these are not paintings, but mostly particles simulated and rendered in Houdini, I thought it would be interesting to try to make these work in real time 3D on the screen. We contacted the artist and asked him if he would be interested in the experiment, and he agreed to it. After a few days (after rendering and simulating hundreds of millions of particles) we both looked at the first shots, satisfied with the result.”

And they certainly look great! What do you think?

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Open World The Vast Space
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1 year 353 days ago
This comment was deleted 1 year 351 days ago by Jim Fox
2 years 248 days ago

Cool artwork. May I get the link to a video with the gameplay?

7 years 146 days ago

Love the effort that has gone into the creation of the nebulae. 

Allot of effort for something that could have just wound up been another simple 2d map with some basic art work instead winds up having  great depth & sense of place its touches like these that relay help sell the setting and they just look fing cool :D 

Its a high bar set for map , lets hope the world environments can live up to the variety and spectacle that is Caligari Sector and its nebulae.