Only minimum loot at void or missi


Void and missi loot seams buggy   at lvl 110 tarot card add + missi (5*) i finde 2 cards ... at full finished ( all missis ) hardcore void i finde  in tarot chest 10 .. didnt got glory box at login too today 

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Only minimum loot at void or missi
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2 years 20 days ago
same at lvl 100  and hadcore missi at + 300  600 at at loot 

2 years 20 days ago
so 1 week at testing .. at lvl 100 t5 tarocard bonus .. at lvl 105  u get maybe 2 - 5

2 years 24 days ago
The modifiers have had absolutely no effect on the quantity and quality of your loot in Void Crusade? This is weird, we tested the new Tarot cards prior to patch Season 2 but the modifiers worked.

We will then recheck this then. Thanks for reporting it!