Online saves screwed up for months


Well, i don't know what happened with NeoCore but it's clearly not healthy thing with Van Helsing: Final Cut online saves.

First of all i want to say that i've never had any problems while playing online - i have 100+hours of game time and complete VH: FC a few times with a few chars. Suddenly (a few months ago) when i was about to to do it again with brand-new Engie, online saves just stop working for some reason - i'm stuck at lvl 65, just before glorious fight with Drilling Machine. First time i've completed this fight and a few quests, go offline with lvl 75, and next day was shocked, because i'm 65 again and nothing was saved. Tried to do it again, complete a few quests - same story. 

Yeserday i had to make it for the last time (2 months later actually) and figure out that online saves still NOT WORKING. What happened with NeoCore servers? Or it's some kind of desync loop and i can fix it on my own? 

I will be glad to get any help with this weird bug 'cause i'm still want to complete this game with Engie. Sad to see something like this when you're actually like this game.

And sorry for my bad english - it's been a while.

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Online saves screwed up for months
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6 years 294 days ago

Same here...

I don`t think they care anymore

6 years 292 days ago

Please send a detailed email with your ingame account name to [email protected]

6 years 292 days ago

I have the same problem,and I have sent my account name to [email protected], but it doesn't work.

6 years 289 days ago

my fate point, gold, items do not update after doing adventure or campaign (using steam). what happen