One handed chain sword


Hi guys

I really like inquisitor martyr/prophecy. It's one of my favorite ARPG's. The setting, the vibe and the gore... I love it!

It's not perfect though (no game is), so I wanted to leave some feedback concerning the one handed chainsword. I feel like the weapon is underpowered and most of all, very clunky to use. The channel skill especially has such a short range that it won't even connect to an enemy. So a most of the time, I'm standing there chainsawing nothing at all, while the enemy is just a few pixels away. The second ability is OK though...

Could you guys please take another look at the weapon? Adjust the range/revise the ability somewhat? At the moment, there is not that much incentive to use the weapon in comparison with the other melee weapons (for crusader).

I really love the concept of the chainsword and it screams 'Warhammer 40k', but I would really like for it to be easier to use!

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One handed chain sword
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