On Legacy Items


I do get that Legacy Items are nothing new for the ARPG-Genre and they do have their place. They are a nice nod to the development of a product and having them may be quirky.  

The single thing you should always avoid though is having your Legacy Item remain as Best-In-Slot (BIS) gear. This will create a scenario where you have a few players that "have" and a ton of players that will never do. And we are talking about the thing everyone wants as it is the best thing available.

I am arguing this from the side of someone that also has Legacy items at ILevel 40 that simply are SO MUCH MORE better than anything I could get for a drop or reroll so far. And I am well beyond 90. 

Instead of splitting the playerbase into those that just happen to have god-like items, we should try to level the playing field.

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On Legacy Items
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298 days ago
We will further balance the game and in case we find legacy items to overpower the new ones, we will correct this, thanks for the feedback!