Old Monastery pillager Quest, The Return Quest and Warrior Queen Quest. HELP!


Ok first things first, the game is really fun. Problem is it stops being fun when it doesn't load a level, turns your fps to 0, crashes and enemies Cheese the life out of you.

Old Monastery quest:

The level never finishes loading, leading to a permanent 0-1 FPS gameplay where it's basically unplayable. I tried different party composition, graphic changes and reloading older save files.

The Return:

Same issue as above, level is covered in green textures and unplayable. Forget killing Tewelyn, if you can't traverse the map to even find him.

Warrior Queen:

I seem to suck, because I can't for the love of god figure out how to beat the prisoners in the Boudica quest without cheesing it. They spam lightning and in melee they kill both Kay and Mordred pretty quickly. Mind you I went into this lvl 5 dungeon with a level 6 Kay and then with a LVL 7 Mordred. Supported by Lv6 Hector, Balin and Dindrine. I would appreciate any tactic to deal with these two, besides the aforementioned cheese with casting curse. 

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The Lightning ability in the Boudicea mission will get nerfed with the next patch.

Please check on the new update once it will get released on next Tuesday and let us know if you still experience the same loading issues on these maps. Thank you in advance!