Obvious tripwire


Hi, as can be seen in the screenshot, sometimes there is a red line between the servo-skulls that make up a tripwire. I guess this is not intentional, because this trap is too obvious then.

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Obvious tripwire
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6 years 355 days ago

I have used two different browsers and notice the embedded screens will not enlarge when selected. This is the second post I have encountered with this issue.

6 years 355 days ago

Same for me, on my own postings and on at least one other member's posting... :-(

6 years 355 days ago

I used imgur for the ones I posted so it works okay:  http://imgur.com/


6 years 355 days ago

BTW, I have also seen the tripwires buried in the floor. You can see them but you cannot see the skulls and you cannot trip them either. Seems like a collision detection issue or a simple misplacement when snapping to surface during the build process.

6 years 354 days ago
I have noticed this issue as well, we'll try and fix it ASAP.
6 years 354 days ago

Hi! Maybe that's a bug - but could you tell me how did you insert your images? (and which browser?)

This happens when you are modify the picture's code.

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6 years 353 days ago

I've noticed this too. Both on my 770 and later when I upgraded to a 1060. Both using the same driver. However, I'm not sure if I've seen it since I upgraded the graphic settings a hair, but that might just be lack of deep testing. I can upload a short unlisted video to YouTube if it'd help the developers watch it, though if it's been seen already, then probably won't. 

6 years 344 days ago

To insert the picture I used the "Insert Image (Crtl+P)"-button atop the posting's editor window and dropped the picture into the box that appeared.

I use Edge to access this forum.

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