Object of Importance missing


I had one of those missions where you have to collect 5 Objects of Importance, some of them guarded by Nurgle demons.

I collected 3 of them. When I got to the 4th, I fought and killed the demon guarding it, but after that the object was no longer there. Thus I could not succesfully end the mission.

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Object of Importance missing
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7 years 4 days ago

Did you hit the chest while fighting the mob? You are able to destroy it. But there should be more scattered around the map.

7 years 4 days ago

I always draw the demon away from the chest, and I do not use grenades or Missiles, so I do not see how I should have destroyed the chest...

7 years 4 days ago

it's not a bug, it's a challenge to kill a chest guardian for a limited time.

but on most maps is a bit more than 5 chests, if you cannot kill most guardians - mission failed

7 years 3 days ago
akmal bafoev

I see, so this time I just needed too much time to kill the demon...

Thanks for the Explanation :)

But I never saw more than the 5 chests I needed to complete the mission. Do additional chests spawn elsewhere? How many are there in total?