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Greetings fellow Inquisitors, 

I trust you are all busy cleansing the Caligari sector of the foul heretics however a moment of your time if i may. Whilst trying out several weapons i had somewhat of an epiphany in regards to the stats tied to said weapons and how many we get at any one time. Further testing of my theory raised this posts particular question. 

Why when i dual wield with any combo of single handed weapons do i gain access to 6 total stats that all apply to my character stats (3 for each weapon) Yet any double handed weapon only carries 3 stats max?

I understand that 2 handed weapons are straight up more powerful than single handed equivalents (at least that's how i envisioned it to work) but the extra 3 stats gained from dual wielding can and does in most cases outway the fact it's a single handed weapon imo.         I would like to know how you feel about this as a whole?

I feel that this stat system for weapons is a minor thing at the present alpha stage considering we have access to only the first sub sector of game content however later down the line far later down the line i can see this maybe becoming an issue in the fact it could potentially create a large power gap for min/max-ing certain stats etc. Possibly further skewed by the fact we can influence fixed stats on weapons with the current advanced crafting system and possibly even the stat itself with the "Modify" tab not currently accessible. 

Could a potential resolution be to issue all 2 handed weapons 4 max affixed stats instead of the current affixed 3? Making the stat for weapons equipped dual wield/2 handed 4/6 instead of current 3/6?  If indeed you feel the stats could use a looking at? 

This is all however presuming the max stats being able to be affixed to a weapon is forever capped at 3. Being Alpha all is subject to change at this point so i'd like to know how the community feels about this and if the Devs have any current future plans.

Happy Hunting to you all and a Huge KUDOS to the whole Dev team for the Early Access launch and smooth running since (not without the occasional warp rift popping up obviously)

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Number of Weapon Stats
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6 years 255 days ago

Giving two-handed weapons twice the enchants is usually how this is solved.