NPC ballance! and a few other quarks!


1)  First of all the biggest issue i am seeing is th rebel gunners  have no spin up times on their heavy guns  unlin your heavy boltor does and theirs are far or accurate in salvo mode.   run into a room  and the way he   game is the see you before you can see them due to the camera angle and are already firin at you in full auto  before you have a chance to react. Enough so so the can chop through a fully armored crusader .

2)  Chaos Havoc Marines are still  Overpowered  since the can knock you down  with  a single rocket ar   full suppression.

3)  Firing from cover!  You miss way to much and often 100% of the time with weapons like plasma pistols.   Especially when firing over obsticles

4)  Weapon ranges.  I can understand rifle having long er ranges than pistols but when you have  rifle an you are  shooting at a enemy and you can't hit them but they can hit you  then here  is something wrong.  Plain as day your bullets just do not reach  but NPS can hit you from farther away.

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NPC ballance! and a few other quarks!
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4 years 176 days ago
Yes i totally agree on those points.

Enemies have far more range then you (many of them also can shoot through obstacles)

Also being cc'ed while still at Green Supression is also kinda disstatisfiying, because i often run into  a big room wanna try to kill as much as possible before im getting to yellow/red supression and then trying to get out. But then i get cc'ed very very early while im still on green supression and then im chaincc'ed to death.