Not enough free id user crash bug


Please fix "the not enough free id" crash error, is gettin embarrasing to see how you say it is fixed and it still happens to a lot of players. Meanwhile you are announcing new dlcs without havin solved this issue. I believe you are not being honest to the players. It has been weeks since this bug appeared and makes the game unplayable. 

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Not enough free id user crash bug
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81 days ago
Sadly still chasing, sadly unplayable.
84 days ago

Hey there,

a new hotfix has just been released on PC fixing the 'Not enough free ID' crash issue. We made extensive tests prior to the update to make sure this time the issue will be permanently removed from the current version of Inquisitor but in case we overlooked something and you run into the problem again please inform us here in a reply or at [email protected] Thanks in advance!

The Emperor Protects.

91 days ago
Our team prepared a new hotfix to PC which should entirely remove the 'Not enough free ID' crash bug. We will push the update out as soon as possible (hopefully today) and would like to ask you to check on the game after that to see if the problem is still present.

We would like to apologize for the caused inconvenience.

93 days ago
Thats the bug wich happens when you summon a lot of vivisectors on coop games, isn´t it?