Not able to play the game | PS4



i really need help!

I reached the max limit of chars but i cannot see one in the main menu. In additiuon to that i am not able to delete one.

So basically i cannot play the game i payed for. I placed a ticket into the mantis bugtracker but if i take a look at the number of tickets i wonder if there is any activity???

I deleted the game and installed it again with no further change of my problem. It seems to be a problem with my account binding resp. My PSN ID.

I tried everything with a 2nd neocore account : no succes.

My girlfriend has no problems to create chars and play them. So i do not understand what went wrong here.

Please help!

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Not able to play the game | PS4
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5 years 327 days ago
PSN ID : Myrte
5 years 327 days ago
We have separate bug tracking for consoles - what's your PSN ?