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With the new inquisitor martyr 2.0 system, they removed power rating from items.  So, what is the 'hammer icon' at the top right of every item screen mean?  It is confusing because that number does not relate to my item level, i.e.:  I will have a level 3 item with a 'hammer icon' of 15, and then a level 8 item with a 'hammer icon' rating of 4...

I apologize if this makes no sense, but I am new to the game.  Everything that I learned about the game with based on the pre-2.0 power rating system.

So my question is:  does anybody know what that icon means?

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Noobie Question
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3 years 213 days ago
Thank you for telling me.  Not knowing what that hammer icon meant was driving me insane. :)
3 years 214 days ago
The Hammer icon is the item's Forging Capacity.

It's how many times you can re-roll item Enchants/Values on the Modify tab when crafting.

You can also increase this number by +5 at a time on the Enhance subtab of Modify.

3 years 214 days ago
Brother Kundari
Oh okay, that makes sense.  I appreciate your response, thanks.
3 years 214 days ago
As far as I have understood, the HAMMER icon on items top right corner indicates how many times you can actually level your item to increase stats.