Non-psyker post-patch feedback


Up to January 18th patch included in this.

- finish mission window is big and needs a minimize option or similar, as it is in the way. Missions now being designed to reward "complete" obliteration of any opposition, it should be possible to do so without having to constantly move the camera to avoid clicking the "accept" button while targetting.

- assassination missions still leave 15% boost intact after killing the third target. Again, as clean-up is being rewarded now, this needs changing.

- Levelling. With the big announcement of levelling changes I had high hopes for the future, only to find that it's still pretty much the same system. "Normal" missions to collect mediocre gear and account XP (which seems to work now, yay), fate and glory, which in turn translates to fate, then do a tarot mission to rank up. That is not a very satisfying way to play. I still think priority missions should net some rank XP, and "normal" missions of sufficient difficulty as well. Would not be much different from how things are now, balance-wise, but would feel a lot less awkward.

- Tarot missions are weird. Apart from throwing insane amounts of artificer items at me, they give me Rank XP based only on cards chosen, and I can do them in whatever system I want. This leads to getting the same rewards for a difficulty 125 mission which can be done sleepwalking, as any other. Rank XP here need scaling, or the missions need to be removed from sector difficulty and always have a specific difficulty modifier. Possibly Even an adjustable one for higher or lower Rank XP depending on chosen difficulty.

- I sincerely hope there will be procedurally generated "investigations" at some point that also net rankXP, fate or other special rewards (relic gear, reputation once implemented, retinue once implemented, etc.) . After all, there is now a nice interface for them, why not use it? UI-wise I'd maybe limit it to three active "sidequest-lines" which vanish once completed or are stored in some kind of archive. 

- Thank You for removing the time-limit from relic recovery missions. Time limits are cheap and annoying, please leave it that way, or rather, put them into special mission modifiers for added rewards maybe.

- Don't know how they scale at higher levels, but the black legion is still somewhat underwhelming. The assault jump tickles a bit instead of roflstomping my suppression resistance as it should, and they hit worse than my grandma with their bolters. May sound masochistic, but these guys need a bit more punch or they are distinctly unscary.

- sniper shot still needs more range

- something needs to be done about inital room desasters. Maybe flag the RNG in a way that prevents terribble clogging of difficult champions in these...

- Ogryns regenerate too quickly. The enforcer puts even the Nurgly minions to shame. Three of them at once and no matter what You do, they won't die as two constantly regenerate and one who get's hit falls back due to knockback/stun/interrupt effects. Suggest reducing regeneration, increasing hp and giving the bullgryn an effective block ability, as right now they are the weakest of the three and their attack patterns seem designed to make them big, juicy targets.

- the flying reborn gunner texture bug is still there...

- since the last patch (today, see above) performance seems a lot better for me, yet at the same time maps seem to be somewhat empty. Might be an isolated issue, but please don't give us poor folk using ancient diesel-computing machines less substance.

- priority mission console has no visible header. Found it by accident. Please add.

- also, where are the class-items/skills for the non-psykers? Please do that. Do it. Do it. Do it.

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Non-psyker post-patch feedback
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6 years 182 days ago
+1 for tarot chages

Just do PR ranges on systems. Enough to go to the next so to speak first sector ends at 200 PR tops if you want better gear (outside of crafting) advance to the next sector. The number is just an example but it would help if i want to grind influence from the beginning.

-1 for anything that makes rebells weaker because they are the only faction that requires a little bit of brain to play against.

For your example with the ogryn healing there is a simple solution when you take a look at your DoT tree.

+1 mission finish announcment and window. 

Make it dissapear into a glowing button at the minimap we can press to open the window again and get rid of the screen blockeing "you did it!" message at the end of each level.

+- Leveling

The first toon is no problem untill you realize that the game is forcing you to dump all your fate into tarot missions. If you resarch stuff at the crafter you are doneso. For new players this might be very confusing. Another fact is that the Story missions are in no order when it comes to PR. There is a mission shown at 650 i should do but there is another PR 400 story mission open. First i asked myself why there is that up and down but at my second walkthrough i got it and look for missions manualy.

6 years 186 days ago
Another +1 to the tarrot changes. 

Perhaps an easy/medium/hard aka -200/0/+200 in relation to your own level with appropraite rewards. But the current system asks to be abused :D
6 years 186 days ago
Would like to add my agreement with the recommendations regarding tarot missions and investigations.