No weekly Glory reward again



Today monday, i get the last tier of Glory reward for week 56.

But i do not get again the chest nor fate for tier 1 et 2 of week 57, as last week.

update: fourth tier unlocked: still no fate.

Just before tier 2: 5535 fate

Tier 2 unlocked: 5537 (i should have +50 fate)


50 fate earned for unlocked influence tier in a system

No fate after unlocking  tier 3 weekly glory

After tier 4 unlocked: 5603 fate

current state:

total  missing fate since beginning of the week: 250

Exactly same bug as last week.

Can you fix this bug please?

I'm tired of having to contact you several times a week to claim my due in fate.

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No weekly Glory reward again
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7 days ago

OK thanks for the reply

sorry I misunderstood.

7 days ago

Because the Community Manager will not Answer your Request - I will answer.

You are wrong. You never will get Tier 1 - 4 Rewards, when you reach Tier 5 until Sunday. Or in other Words: The Bar is a Progress. The Reward will be given at Monday, and you will receive the Tier that you have reached so far. Unlocking Tier 2 will disable Tier 1. Unlocking Tier 3 will disable Tier 2. And so on. This is different to the Rewards at the Planetary Systems, there you receive a Reward at each Stage. The weekly Challenge is a Progress that will be rewarded at Monday - only!

This Mistake/Error happens to nearly all of the Players, and we stated this since Reward System was unrevealed during the Beta / shortly after Release. There was no clarification by Neocore at the Tutorial (atleast I didn't noticed any clarification) so .... it's a fault by Neocore and not on your side.

This Thread can be closed.

7 days ago

Update 2:

Fourth tier weelky glory unlocked: still nothing, no fate

total  missing fate since beginning of the week: 50 + 50 + 150 = 250

7 days ago


same problem with tier 3 of weekly glory: no chest nor fate.
but I have earned 50 fates for unlocking influence tier for a system.

Fate missing: 100 

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