No Sound effects in game


New patch is up, still not hearing any sound effects.  Basically makes the game unplayable.

Is there a config file I can take a look at?  Is anyone else experiencing this issue?  Any suggestions?

Checked settings in-game, newest drivers installed.

Would love to play this game.

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No Sound effects in game
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6 years 341 days ago

Only thing i could suggest is checking the file integrity via steam, you may have corrupted sound files hence they will not play in game, i had this issue with patch 0.2.2 but verifying my game sorted the issue for me. 

6 years 341 days ago
Indeed, please try Ixxolos's suggestion, as your issue is not a widespread one, I have sound perfectly working as well. Do post if it worked or not please, thanks! :)
6 years 339 days ago

I've already tried reinstalling and verifying game files and tried again after the patch.  No luck.

Woe is me.