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Good afternoon. problem with stackable items, namely "Void plunder keys, uther's tarot, and scrap metal for servitor upgrades. tarot cards are he most critical because I cannot close the grandmaster stage of the season. Sorry for my england, its no my language.

Screen of end mission.

Screen of ship inventory

I have lost all accumulated items of tarot cards, keys, seals.

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no save progress
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90 days ago

Good afternoon! Installed the game again, checked the problem is not solved. More than a month has passed since my appeal, I did not see any changes other than resetting my skills. The keys will never be saved.

104 days ago
I forwarded the issue to our developers who will look into the matter as soon as they will have some freetime. This will take a week or two I think but until then I compensated all your losses. 
107 days ago

Checked, no change. The problem is still relevant. Passed the mission fragments of void campaigns, Uther's tarot and techno-frames disappear after the mission.

113 days ago
I ran a couple of missions with your Tech-Adept character. His loot (namely Cortex Fragments and 5 pieces of Crimson Void Shards) were reserved even after I left the mission. Is this still an issue on your end? Do these items from the special inventory vanish regularly? 
118 days ago

good day! Account name "AlexN7" season character name "Траксис" (RUS). I'm using the steam client(Alex|Hitman).

118 days ago
Please provide us your account name and the bugged character's name. We will borrow it and test the issue in question.
118 days ago

I don't know if anyone will read this. I determined that the problem only occurs with the seasonal character, the regular assassin and crusader characters have no problems. I assume that your seasonal characters are on a separate server and my seasonal character is "blocked" there. Because so that I don’t make accumulative items keys, tarot cards, shards and others during the mission increases, and after it, when synchronization with the global inventory occurs on a separate server, the changes will not be recorded (_for an unknown reason - lack of access rights / blocking / lack of access network/response timeout/signature mismatch) and remains unchanged (as before the mission). For you to understand, I closed the crusade on hardcore, and techno-fragments in the amount of 5512 have not changed.

119 days ago

It's sad that no one solves the problems of a generally good game.