no new Cabal directives this week


My Cabal did not get a new Directive this week and the old ones from last week are still shown.  We achieved the joke of 41 cabal Points last week . Maybe it is related to the member Count, first two ones where completed quite fast with Maybe 20 members, but the last one with the 140 sorceres took us days with a full cabal of 20.

Another known bug is that i cannot advance in the storyline

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no new Cabal directives this week
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6 years 10 days ago

This is the first time since backing the game over a year ago that I'm actually frustrated... and by frustrated, I MEAN pissed. I have a fairly active cabal, with some fairly productive players, we survived the first weeks Cabal Directives despite Unholy Codexes being fewer and farther between now due to the increase of faction types and fewer spawns of Sorcerers due to new enemy types. Week 2 Cabal Directives came out, and starts off with Executions that can't be done because it's bugged and not spawning, I log in this evening to find that the directive has been rolled and get excited... just to see it's been replaced with a 290!!! count Codex collection... speaking on the collective behalf of my cabal, we are disheartened to say the least. Only a few Cabals stand a chance of gaining any xp this week because of this, and while I'm happy for those that can, not everyone can devote 12 hours a day to surviving something that shouldn't have happened to begin with. 290... by the Emperor, at least add the Codex drop to the new Psyker Villians and perhaps the Rogue Psyker, then maybe the rest of us would stand a chance.

6 years 12 days ago
They've just this min reset
6 years 12 days ago