NO glory from priority assignments and sold wrong item (is it a big loss)



2 questions

1: I don't get any glory from priority assignments. I made a post in the bug section. The loot screen flashes and disappears. I seem to get the loot but no glory. Looking around it seems other people have this problem to

2: I accidently sold a purple staff with 2 cognis shard V in it. I don't know if this is a colossal loss as i am new to the high level chars.
I can see that I don't get the credits for shards in an item so I either lost 1mill credit or 2 cognis shard v. Is this a big loss and if so is there a way to restore it? If it is not a big loss or not big enough for it to be restored please tell me then just Ill facepalm myself for 10 sec and then keep playing :-).

(why is the shards value not added to the items sell value?)

I hope you can help me.

Kind regards

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If you persisted the buyback screen beyond someone exiting the shop to open their inventory normally then it would be pretty reasonable to say. As it stands you can accidentally exit the shop briefly and the entire buyback history has vanished. It doesn't even wait for you to run a mission. That functionality without the tolerance of 'oh shit I think I sold the wrong thing' ends up being a false sense of security that handles obvious mechanical input errors rather than autopilot errors one tends to recognize shortly after the fact.

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Thank you Heruceva. That is reassuring. 
135 days ago
I finished the DLC priority assignments multiple times and believe the rewards are only wrongly awarded for Glory (maybe exp, etc.. but not sure).

Apart from that I've never had issues with priority assignments.

136 days ago

Thanks for answering. I already made a post in the bug section about no glory from priority assignments. I also found others that had the same problem. And i tried out some stuff to see if i could find the bug and updated the post with the results but i have not found the bug.

Like you said glory is not that had to come by i am more afraid that the DLC priority assignments will not give me the reward that come with completing them.

136 days ago

I suggest you post a reply here directed at @Marcopolocs in regard to the question if they can restore a lost item
I know they can use your character to do things with your account but I'm not sure they'd do this. It would take a lot of time on their end to deal with these requests I would suppose. But it'd never hurt to ask.

There was an issue with war zone missions in the past not granting the glory rewards it showed at the end mission screen.

I suggest you take screenshots of your glory count before a priority assignment, of the rewards it shows you upon mission completion and your glory count after the mission as proof of how the rewards behave for priority assignments.

Then make a separate post with that as title and post the screenshots in there.

It depends on their current backlog but I'm sure when they have the time they'll pick that up.

But no worries, on later levels you can easily get 70+ glory per mission.

Even +100 if you use the right tarot cards.

137 days ago

Yes i was using a ancient relic for some missions to unlock it's powers. When i wanted to use the items i had before, i discovered that i had sold the item with the shards in it. So no buying back.

The items do not get the value of shards or codes in sucked slots. The item i sold would have given me around 10005000 if sold separately. Together i got 5000.

Do you know if Neocore restores items sold by mistake or is that to minor a problem for them?

I hope they can take a look at the no glory from priority assignments at some point.

137 days ago
If you accidentally sell something, you still have the time to get it back for the same amount of resources you sold it for.

This is only valid before you close the trader screen. If you exit the buy/sell screen, it is lost forever.

You can buy back what you sold by selecting the trader section of the screen and moving through the tabs. You'll notice the tabs where your sold items are listed have a little arrow next to their icon.

Sry for your loss.

To be honest, for new players this loss can be very annoying but if you use the tarot for increased chance to receive shards you'll get it back over time. The amount of sockets you have on an item increase the sell prices, not sure if socketed shards or codes do. To get enough credits to level up shards, sell your intels. They are worth 200k a piece.