No glory


Hi all just wanted to add my bug report, I'm having problems with glory point in that i don't earn any for doing missions. I see in the award that i have earn some but it does show up at all and i always have 0 on the leader board!  I hope somebody else is having this problem too its kinda bad as i'm missing out on all the free stuff for doing missions ect.

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No glory
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4 years 290 days ago
I also "enjoy" same bug.... im 0 on ladderboards Glory.

In additon i didnt get middle glory reward from this week, it just skiped me.

4 years 290 days ago
I had that, too, I think for a few days even... Glory would simply not show up in that screen, but it fixed itself somehow.
4 years 290 days ago
Are you doing missions above your power level, or below? It seems to work better at actually giving you glory if you're above.