No experience earn



I'm just buy the game some days ago, and want wait a bit before say any comments on my view of the game. But sadly for my first post here i have to report a really annoying bug i encounter today. 

So today I play some mission on the map, and no matter how many missions I do and the power rating of the mission my characters never earn experience. My account level get experience after completion of a mission but the characters don't get any experience. I tried on my 3 characters and it's the same.

 I tried to restart the game, wait some hours before play again .... nothing change still no experience earn for my characters.

 Hope that will be fix soon, You get the possibility to make a huge and amazing game, I trust it so much that my first time I buy a game in an early access.

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No experience earn
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6 years 142 days ago
You only get Rank XP for Story (Investigation) and Tarot missions, the normal missions only give Account XP.
6 years 142 days ago
Heretic Chris
hooo ok i didn't know, thank you for the answer,