No dlc acess on ultimate edition


Hi i just purchased inquisitor martyr ultimate edition yesterday and was wondering if you unlock dlc content at a later point in the game because it says I still need to purchase them to play them I am on xbox series x, if I try to play any dlc content it tries to take me to the xbox store but there's nothing there as the only dlc content is for the older version of the game any help would be much appreciated 

Store Page
No dlc acess on ultimate edition
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2 days ago
I just purchased hard copy via Amazon and I'm having same issue. Checked the 'My Games' area after installation and no DLC items appear there for download/installation. Xbox gamertag is WarlockJerezad.
4 days ago
Did this get fixed? I have the same problem. 
6 days ago

Our developers looked into the issue and adjusted some things on our end. Could you please check if you can access the DLC items now?

8 days ago
My gamer tag is Hydra#3190 and I bought the game off the Xbox store so I don't have a receipt 
13 days ago
Please let me know your Xbox Gamertag. We will have a first look at your account on our backend. If needed, we will likely to ask for a receipt too you got when purchased the game.