No Che Domovoy after buying the DLC on PS4


Hello Supportsteam of Neocore,

I got the problem, that I bought the Game "The Incredible Adventures of Van Helsing II" and the Che Domovoy DLC together. After Installing and starting the game with an Imported level 30 Char from "The Incredible Adventures of Van Helsing" I got the helm and an Achivement named "Che Domovoy" (+5% MagicFind and +10% GoldFing) but not the tiny little pet. A friend of mine bought it too, and he tells me that the Che Domovoy was standing right besides his Char when he starts the game. I tryed to create an totaly new Char too, but the pet didnt spawn. So what went wrong?

Thanks for an reply.

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No Che Domovoy after buying the DLC on PS4
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6 years 315 days ago
Dear Cyresx,

Thank you for contacting us. Can you please examine whether the 'Hide pets' feature is checked in the Options > Gameplay menu? Disabling it should fix the problem.