No Cabal Missions/No Items Ranking List xbox x


Last week all 5 Cabal Missions are finished. Always at Monday starts the new Cabal Missions, but not yesterday. Today the same no new Missions are there in the Cabale -Eichenlaub-. The first Time that i have this Problem over 4 Years at Warhammer. Last week at the Ranking List No.1 over 40000 Glory on Earth at xbox, Cabale Missions, Protector now at 3 Systems, no Items... nothing yesterday to ??? New timer at the Cabale Missions restart and the Loot from my hard work last week or there Error/Bug Problem ?


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No Cabal Missions/No Items Ranking List xbox x
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6 days ago
This Week no fresh Cabale Missions !

8 days ago
Do you now have fresh Cabal missions? Let me know if you don't.
11 days ago
New Cabale Missions every 2 Weeks not more every Week ??? Loot for the Ranking List, Protector Loot, Cabale Missions faild ! One little Present today with 3 Items thats all ?

17 days ago
Loot works this week and the Cabale Missions.

But i am Protector at Three Systems, my Gamertag stand up only in the Ranking List not at the System ! 


22 days ago
New Cabal missions should pop up next Monday but let me know if you don't get new objectives then.