New to 40k, and wandering... Where are the African/dark skinned marines?


Hi Guys, 

Just bought the game and got my account all set up, really excited to play what looks like a gritty mature shooter, but....well, I don't see any African  (or..come to think of it..any other races) options in my character creation choices. 

Am I missing something? surely there has to be one selectable option for this.  Likely wont stop me from playing if teh game is good, just seems kinda odd as every other game out there has this option. 

If I just overlooked something please let me know. I would hate to think this was by design. 


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3 years 229 days ago

Inquisitor Toth from Dawn of War 1 was black and he was BADASS. Even Space Marines made way for him eventually.

Skin color does not matter to humans in 40K. Faith in the Emperor matters. (But a fully loaded bolter does not hurt...)

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3 years 233 days ago

En el universo de 40k, esto no es importante.

war is important

3 years 233 days ago

It's 41 millenium, races we know now don't exist any more. You have 18'th Legiones Astartes that have jet black skin (Salamanders, their primarch is Vulcan)

3 years 237 days ago
Ahh okay - no worries. I just picked one of teh choices and played and its pretty good lite rpg shooter (at least for my taste). Wont let the lack of options and customization spoil it for me. 
3 years 237 days ago
That is a fair ommision to point out, I think. The Inquisition is as varied in it's staff as humanity is genetically speaking, though typically only perfect specimens at the top of any racial trait would make it. So it should seem that there would be other racial traits visiable among inquisitors. And in fluff, there is. Vast variability, but this game does not allow much character customization at all to begin with and really only gives you a character seemingly based on one of the miniatures from the table top game, which is kinda the intent, I think. This isn't meant to be a deep RPG, more of a Diablo-style romp in the Warhammer 40K universe.

To your point, in Warhammer 40K, all the racial types are generally well represented in story and lore. Mongolian Space Marines (White Scars and their Khans), for example, and Imperial Guard regiments of EVERY cultural background possible. But just like Space Hulk table top, and many computerized versions thereof, limit gameplay mainly to a single chapter of Space Marines, and often just the First Company of that chapter, aka the Deathwing, and character choice in that is so limited, this is much the same kinda thing. Character customization really isn't the point here, brutal warfare and burning heretics are the point here :P