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As far as the game goes, I think it's pretty okay on most aspects of the game. Regarding the graphic, the level design is great, 7.5/10, it gives the 40k-ish feeling to the game which it obviously should. The model is great, 8-8.5/10, and the special effects are alright. A little improvements here and there will be wonderful.

In my opinion, I think the gameplay is solid but it need a bit of improvement. I just found out about this title and was not sure about your vision of the game but I hope it's can improve a little bit. First of all, where is the loot? I mean, salvaging weapons from the enemy and purify it via side missions is a great idea. Secondly, it is a nice touch to give the rewards wargears some background stories, like Dawn of War II did. I'm not comparing anything but it sure give a nice touch to the game. Thirdly and most importantly, so far, the combat is okay at most, I do feel it is a bit ... clunky. Smoother combat and more interactive environment would be great for the immersion. 

The sounds!!! It. Needs. MAJOR. Improvements! I want to love this game. I really, really do. But the sound absolutely killed my immersion. I totally understand that it's not fully developed yet but it is surely something you need to take a look. Stepping on blood and body parts should sound something squishy, not clanking. Also, the sounds of combat is horrid and plastic. There is more to say but I don't want to rant. 

In conclusion, I think this is going to be a blast. I understand that there are a lot of work to be done and I'm not criticise you for it, not yet. But I am passionate about 40k and this is what I have been waiting for so long. I really want to love this game and I hope that my opinion have some kind of value in improving the game.

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New player Suggestion
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6 years 58 days ago
Thanks for the suggestions and the kind words, we'll see what we can do! :)