New Player Concern Regarding Relic and Artificer Gear


Hi all, about 4 days ago I decided to purchase Warhammer Martyr on PS4 and never looked  back! Awesome game and just the kind of game I like. 

As I said, I am still a newbie and still getting used to the mechanics but when I started playing there was a worldwide mission and it said if you complete 15 missions you will get a medium cache and 2 relic or artificer gear. I finished my 15 missions and got the medium cache but NO gear :( 

Is it normal? Or am I doing something wrong?

Character name is Aetearnus on PS4

Thank you in advance.

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New Player Concern Regarding Relic and Artificer Gear
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247 days ago
The cache was supposed to contain the promised items if you opened it. I hope you found these items in it.
248 days ago
Normally, the gear should come in the cache. As far as I remember, there was never any point when gear rewards for events were handed out individually, they are always looted from the reward cache.

Perhaps the reward description in the mission was not worded very clearly, but this is how they are usually handed out in the game.

249 days ago
im still new to the game but i think you get the items from the cache at least i did :)