New Map bugs


Here are my impressions and critiques of the new platform map. Wow its bugged. Shooting some containers does absolutely nothing i.e. no opponents destroyed. Some enemies (nurglings) cannot be targeted or killed but still follow and do damage. Some walls really get in the way creating massive blind spots. Some walls you get stuck in if you get to close. Almost like an area where all of a sudden all controls are backwards i.e. up is down, left is right. Some areas are destroyed by the containers being shot but miraculously rebuild themselves. While the game does seem to be running smoother as a whole, the platform map crashes. Lastly, the assassin class seems to be exactly where my marauder is as far as difficulty. Whereas my marauder is lvl20 and the assassin is lvl6, the assassin is playing lvl20 maps and foes. And has the amount of loot been lessened? Seems the drop rate is lower.

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New Map bugs
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7 years 18 days ago

Hello and thanks for your feedback! Thankfully most of what you mentioned is already worked on - the rest will be written up for the devs tomorrow as well.

Hopefully we can fix this ASAP! :)