New Levelling system


So, the new levelling system, what does everyone think?

For me it seems awfully slow, if im not getting skill points for Inquisitor level then I would think the account level should progress a bit faster.

Or give us skill points for the Character level again.

At the moment it feels like a very long time between skill points.

Also, losing out on 20 skill points from the character level is going to really limit the amount of skills we can use, maybe too much.

It depends, of course, if there is an account level cap, but either way I think we need more skill points or a faster accumulation of skill points.

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New Levelling system
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6 years 293 days ago

Skill points are very OP ATM (based on pre patch). They where making the game to easy over l10(with good gear) which I did not like. Sure they have 2 options, reduce the number or reduce the benefit of the point. Would rather see the amount reduced.

6 years 293 days ago

I think an easy solution is just to make tarrot / stor ymissions also give exp. Only problem is then they are the "golden ticket" and theres 0 point doing normal stuff :D which is a bit of an unhealthy place to be. 

Agreed tho, it's a little awkward now, the ratio. 

6 years 293 days ago

I agree with HC, feels very odd to be doing different mission types to level in two different ways, seems to put the brakes on progression imho. Just doing some of the beginning story missions I got to Inquisitor lvl 5, but only had the one skill point. The passives do make quite a bit of difference and I certainly notice the difference from my levelling in the prior builds. I don't think it'd hurt to get a skill point on levelling the Inquisitor level, the 20 points would make an impact while getting to the level cap but longer term shouldn't hurt the purpose of account levels. 

6 years 293 days ago
Airsick Hydra

I like it better than the pre-EA version, along with the power level changes. I spent a few [too] many hours flitting from Story -> Investigation -> Priotiy -> Station -> story missions, with the odd Cabal mission as well, which were loadsa fun.

6 years 293 days ago

So a cap at 200 is pretty good, im glad about that and also if the progression is more constant that would help alleviate some of the issue. 

I just kind of assumed it would follow the standard model and be harder later so if it was slow now it would be REALLY slow later!

Guess I need to play for many more hours yet, im sure it will grow on me!

6 years 293 days ago

I'll try to make this short because i've got a big post i'd like to write up on this.

At the moment I like the change for many reasons,

I'd argue now that there is no reason to get skill points from inquisitor rank because it's now a mechanic to simply "unlock" content. It has no actual correlation with how good your character is, only what "stuff" they have access to. Which I think is quite neat and tidy. If you had skill points associated with it again, it would be a very confused system.

Regarding the quantity, account level is capped at 200+ for end game, so there is no loss in skill points

But I can sympathise that it feels quite slow to go up in account levels. Perhaps because people haven't yet learned the difference between account xp and inquisitorial rank points? But the rate of xp for the account level from normal missions does feel somewhat slow - i'd presume though that the rate remains a constant and you get a skill point every x amount of time, instead of getting lots at the start and then seeing a slower trickle, like the last system.

6 years 293 days ago

I also dislike the lack of Skill Points on progression in Inquisitor Rank.

6 years 293 days ago

I like it. Start's of easy at level 1 and slowly gets harder. So much better than before.