New Graphical Artifacts


Just ran into this one, and I'm not entirely sure what's causing it, though since it's only showing up in Martyr I doubt it's a faulty hardware issue (drivers are also up to date). Running a Radeon R7950 (now with dual monitors), and after adding the second monitor today I've been having strange artifacts showing up in-game; Windows 7 64 bit, 16 gigs RAM, eight core 4.1GHz processor, hard drives are healthy, etc etc getting the usual out of the way.

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New Graphical Artifacts
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6 years 351 days ago

I noticed the ones around the planet last night, like a swarm of angry space bees!

6 years 351 days ago
Heretic Chris


Ahem. What was odd is that the game runs the same as before, it just displays those around planets (and on Death World tilesets) now.