New Event is much better, well done for listening to us!


Dear devs, well done!

Last time around, I created a thread asking explicitely for tiered rewards instead of just one locked behind an insane grinding task, and you have listened -- multiple reward tiers, each with properly enticing rewards to boot, and the first one is reachable by doing only 10 missions, which everyone can manage, even the working crowd with few gaming hours per week. Well done!

But not just that, instead of asking us to just kill 5000 mobs, we now get to choose for ourselves how to complete this event... we can choose our favorite kinds of missions, we can choose the types of opposition, and 50 missions over one week is very much doable even with limited gaming time. Well done once more!

Last but not least, the ingame story presentation and thus motivation, plus the ramifications of this event are very much more enticing to participate than the first one ever were. Well done the third!

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New Event is much better, well done for listening to us!
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2 years 51 days ago
All rights, can't say it Better ^^ ...

So the only remaining question now was ... Which Planet will we choose to save if we cannot save all ^^


Thats our purpose now ^^