New dlc/helmet and world event


I'm sorry but your tactial environment helmet reminds of Fallout 2 advanced power armor helmet...

Cmon, again 1000 missions and again its bugged, points counting in wrong planets or don't count at all.

Is scourge of lacaon again bugged and exploitable? 

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New dlc/helmet and world event
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144 days ago
Will you be announcing ahead of time what game-breaking 'features' are being introduced with the world event? 
145 days ago

I'm ready always! for the Emperor!

145 days ago

We are planning to release an event on console in the near future! The exact date is not yet public though.

145 days ago

i saw screenshots and read the description of this event. it is interesting.. will there be a similar event on the PS4 in the future? i would take part

146 days ago

The world event was accidentally implemented into the game, it was not intentional. Our apologize for the issue, we removed the event from our backend, it is not visible any longer.

147 days ago
The event date listed ends 30/09/19 or some such.

CABALs who exploited the SH&* out of the last world event are still listed as having several thousand points. 

Individual points are still listed from the last event

The entire thing seems like a cock up.

This is not a new engine for NeoCore to build with.

The game has been out how long now?

Why are you lot still looking like such rank amateurs?

I am sorry if that sounds harsh but from the perspective of a professional - you have lost a huge amount of client respect and presence even though you appear to be present and have goals. Mostly because every patch fixes one thing and breaks 3 others.

I report bugs, use existing threads to seek fixes etc and contribute as best possible here. I have been polite. Now I am politely saying that you (NeoCore) REALLY need to take stock of your Quality Assurance process AND your public reputation.

148 days ago
Brother Kundari

You're right, i got my points i did in last world event, new players are confused and neocore doesn't react at all. 

148 days ago
Regarding the Event running now it is obviously a huge bug in the entire system, and probably some old event running amok around now. No matter how many Missions I run in the Lacaon system, I do NOT get any Points whatsoever.

Apparently this "Event" seemed to just start out of nowhere too, since it just started. No talk of anything, no announcement in the forum of any kind. Absolute nothing. This event even stops on the 30th of September ´19 it says. 30/9-19. So obviously something weird is going on here.

When checking the Roadmap it says Season #2 Event 1st Quarter ´19. But that apparently haven´t even nearly started yet. This is just confusing. So Neocore, step in here.