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Where are the original beautiful graphics shown here

I mean, the new build looks kind of bad in comparison. Where are the beautiful life effects? Where are the physics?  Where is the darkness of grimdark?

Way too many graphics options that make absolutely no difference.

On the plus side, I believe gameplay is improved a lot if compared to that: of course, no inventory yet and not a lot besides shooting, but hey, it's Warhammer 40k. Shooting is my life! I am also sure it will improve.

The "life" system per mission is jarring. Feels wrong in the 40k setting and kills the RP in ARPG.

The collision system definitely needs tweaking. Sometimes I am hit beyond cover and enemy weapons keep hitting me even at distance while I miss at point blank.

Shooting body parts feels wonky and leaves you vulnerable. I second my "slow time" proposal.

Music is kind of OK. Not enough gothic but hey, it's alpha.

Overall, I am not disappointed with this, for being day 1.5.

But hopefully massive improvements underway.

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New Build Feedback
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7 years 144 days ago
So feedback is ignored. Well done. Truly.