Network error again



after the Hotfix 0.6.3b i'm getting NETWORK ERROR again.

logfile says:

2017-09-21 20:29:56.956 (  13.152s) [            11D8]      SparksManager.cpp:685      0| Backend connection timed out

2017-09-21 20:29:56.956 (  13.152s) [            11D8]      SparksManager.cpp:489      0| Disconnected from the backend

so its probably a Database Problem on Serverside?!


I tried the usual stuff:

Registry Key


verifying files




Kinda annoying

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Network error again
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330 days ago

I am suffering the same problem, thx for creating the bugreport!

BTW: Where do you find the log file?

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330 days ago
Posted by Calida 330 days ago

I am suffering the same problem, thx for creating the bugreport!

BTW: Where do you find the log file?

Hey, its found in:

C:\Users\[username]\Documents\NeocoreGames\Warhammer Martyr\log.txt

223 days ago

I've got the same problem at the same time. Sent every logfile to the support months ago. Still the bug remains... I can't enter the game from september 2017.

332 days ago

So, one day later. Still the same problem. 

2017-09-22 19:19:08.811 (  41.742s) [             134]     MenuMainWindow.cpp:1147     0| User reconnecting to backend.
2017-09-22 19:19:14.167 (  47.103s) [             E64]      SparksManager.cpp:685      0| Backend connection timed out
2017-09-22 19:19:14.167 (  47.103s) [             E64]      SparksManager.cpp:489      0| Disconnected from the backend

Guess that means i will give it a rest for some days/weeks now.

331 days ago

Have you logged the issue with support? More likely to get a response...

331 days ago

yeah, well, and here i thought writing in the bug report section on the developers site was exactly the right place to put it.

330 days ago

well i did open a mantis issue

turns out that at least one other guy got the same problem and we probably narrowed it down to a dead route somewhere to the login-server thats hosted in the amazon cloud.

329 days ago

Really Neocore?

No Confirmation?

No Acknoledgement?

Just Ignorance?

For a recurring Problem not only in Inquisitor Martyr?


328 days ago

Bumping up the Thread so it stays on Top of the Hub...

328 days ago
We have increased the connect time now for easier connections - we are looking into the issue nevertheless. Thanks for your report!
326 days ago

Well die increased connection time did not fix the problem ;)