Network Error


Still getting a Network Error when trying to sign in online with the Steam V1.04 version of the Final Cut of the game.  I've spent hours looking into the problem online with no solutions that work.  I try to create an account through the game which fails, I reinstalled and it fails, I've created an account through the website and it fails to sign into in the game.  The offline version of the game works fine but not the online version which I want to play with friends.  I'm running the PC version of the game and see so many people complaining about getting no response from the support team on the site and none of the solutions working.  Seems this has been going on for years with the game on PC.  Please sort something out so we can play the online version of the game we paid for or give us some working solutions.  And I have verified my account, also updated my profile on the site like other people have suggested.

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Network Error
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2 years 167 days ago
ummm so it works with any email provider except for gmail ?? 
5 years 11 days ago

I read a solution in another blog that worked for me.

You have to change your email if it is not gmail, in my case, I was using hotmail, I changed the email from the neocore site, I followed some steps and when I tried to log in from the game, it worked!!!

It sounds stupid I know, but works.

5 years 16 days ago
true fuck them  u paid so for them is fine claim youre money back dude its shit not dev
6 years 115 days ago
Thinking the devs don't care about anyone having problems with this game and don't minutor the threads here.  Total waste of money, avoid this game if the plan is to play it online as it's probably never going to work for you.  Offline play only :(