Neocore Websystems v0.35.5

Improved Website & Community Hub


There has been a massive update on this website concerning usability, design and customization, which include bigger and smaller changes.

Common User Interface Updates:

  • Compact Menu Style: We replaced the old „flat” menu with a slimmer and more elegant compact version (with a fixed logo and avatar)
  • Community Breadcrumbs > Show Active Game Page: You can now track where you are, what kind of filters you used to get there with a help of this navigational aid
  • Notification System [Experimental]: Notice the „bell” icon at your avatar: this is the notification center, but for now it’s only experimental, improvements and new features will be added in the future
  • New Community Tutorial Tour: A quick step-by-step guide you should take to learn more about the new social functions
  • Minor UI / UX Updates: Some of the icons and interface elements got replaced or optimized in size and looks.

Community Hub Updates:

  • Grid-based / Card-styled design [Starting Page]: We created the „Starting Page” to make navigation in the Community Hub easier
  • Compact Highlighted Areas: You can now minimize the „above the fold” areas, and your settings can be saved to your profile (separately for the Starting Page and the List Page)
  • Read / Not Read Highlighted Area: If you already read a post on a highlighted area, it will be dimmed to indicate it as „read”
  • Show Game & Category Filters: Now there are game and category labels in all kinds of posts, which helps faster navigation
  • Filter Bar's Helper Title Texts: All filter features received a small hover-over description
  • Highlighted-Area Sliders: Instead of the three latest news in the highlights area, you can now scroll back to the 9 latest news using navigational arrows
  • Filter Bar [Updated Filters]: There is a new hybrid list labeled "LATEST" which will show all the newest posts in any category
  • Highlights [ON / OFF]: A new icon on the filter area which will minimize the highlighted blog-like area (but use it carefully, you might miss important new posts from our staff)
  • Filter Bar [COMPRESS / EXPAND]: A new icon on the filter area which will minimize the filter area itself, giving more space for users
  • SHOW / HIDE Pins (aka. "Pinned Contents"): A new icon on the filter area which allows you to turn off the „pinned” status on posts, so they will not be on the top of the lists anymore depending on your settings
  • Custom Filter [POP-UP]: A new icon on the filter area which will let you customize your filter settings (giving you a suggestion of three blocks, but you can dismiss it)
  • Save Filter Options: A new icon on the filter area which will let you save your filter settings, creating your own starting page in the Community Hub
  • New Hotbar Style (Sticky One): Our old „HOTBAR” got replaced with a more comfortable version which has a sticky function (while scrolling through the comments it attaches itself under the menu)
  • Save Comments' Sorting Options: There’s a new icon which allows you to save your settings for the comments’ sorting options, and by clicking it, it will be your default sorting order (until you change it).

Store Updates:

  • Minor UI/UX updates
  • Minor BUG Fixes

Next up:

As for the next update, our priority is to optimize UI/UX on mobiles and tablets, which requires a full overhaul of responsivity, menus, login and registration, social features, profile, basket, payment, footer area (and more in the future)!

So, what are your thoughts? Feedback is essential for us to improve this website, so share your opinion without hesitation!

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Neocore Websystems v0.35.5 Improved Website & Community Hub
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6 years 356 days ago

I'm from Germany so excuse the lame English.

I'm proud to be a founder, and i hope this game is going to be so damn great how it looks like now.

Since i first played Warhammer Tabletop (back when i was 14) i can't get away from it =)

And you guys did a good job; the enviroment, the characters.... the whole universe!

When you play the tabletop, you ask youself "How would it look, if it was real?"

Answer: Like this!

7 years 10 days ago

Keep up the great work team! Very proud to become a founder!

7 years 17 days ago