Neocore, i hope you realize the life of this game depends on the upcoming roadmap.


The community is imploding and very seriously starting to lose hope.  I hope you guys realize how much rides on the upcoming roadmap.  If there aren't real, meaningful changes the last of us are likely to fade away.

I can't speak for everyone but I know many people that are seriously hoping for

-additional weapons

-more mission variety

-more assets(unique item models, additional map types, new enemies)

-more meaningful rewards for grinding.

-meaningful late game progression

-balance items to make more weapon types viable

-obviously bug fixes, but in my opinion that's not the biggest problem right now.

The game feels very restrictive in terms of content currently and ultimately if the playstyle at level 20 and level 50 are functionally identical there's little reason to try to progress your character.

Just my thoughts.

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Do not worry - you'll get a roadmap.jpg - that's all you can get

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Do you, now? A Mysterious Stranger! Who are you? Someone from a past? Or just humourless person, downvoting decent martial art experts?

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I´m wondering who this Mighty Snakefist is. Lol.

And I do believe Neocore have many great plans for this game and their roadmap is actually surprising. Surely, there are things I would also see being a bit different and better made, but overall I truly do like this game. And with all the things that will be added in the future, regarding DLCs, Events and other things, we are having great things coming. And in fact I believe that the Events that we will see in the future will lead to great things in my opinion.

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Mighty Snakefist doesn't agree - through many Alpha/EA patches, content was added and made game better. In His Wisdom, Snakefist can't agree with irrational way of thinking like 'I don't like this new content, so the game is now worse'. Balance is a living thing, it's actually not very smart changing it every 2 weeks because some-guy-on-youtube find an exploit and now army of players who doesn't know better are emulating it. 

On example of WC3 - we could say for a good 3 years that balance becomes worse with each patch, that now raceX is 'imba' etc., but that simply wasn't true - sure, there were terrible mistakes, some of them live still, but often players through meta-game made situation worse. Mindset that everyone should do exactly what he was doing before balance, so the game is 'ruined and had worse balance' - well, keeping exploits (not bugs, overpowered combinations or skills, or items, or limits) alive just because 'players who play mighty one month are so used to' is...  irrational. Completely.

To summarize some terrible NeoCore faults:

- Event 1 was stupid and unrewarding, it made the game worse - it was 2 days long, you didn't have to participate, but in no way game become 'worse'

- Event 2 was - stupid and unrewarding, it made the game worse - well, Snakefist, in His Proficiency, accumulated a huge amount of Fate/Gold, so it wasn't exactly unrewarding - in fact, those quantities of mentioned resources, along with Relics and XP were impossible to get in any other way - but surely it made the game 'worse'

- WZ is - stupid and unrewarding yadayadayada - whatabout countless, almost collective whine - we have nothing to do, endgame doesn't exist and is bad at the same time. Now there is temporary endgame. While it is highly grindy it is *some* kind of endgame. Don't like it, don't play it. But it never *could* make game *worse* than before - and before any 'witty remarks', additional and optional content rarely do. Never, one could say.

While most points in OP stands, they are kinda universal (and being worked on, probably). Post title is way to dramatic.

And what is the purpose of lvl20-50? 

Do you *really* don't get it? Snakefist, in his Mighty Knowledge says: those levels give skillpoints, unlock perks and allow making actual build. Every player with bit of experience knows that starting skills (incidentally, those <20 or something) are here to make further progression faster, or are combos that reduces dying, for example, or adding bonuses important to starting characters. After 20 (often 30, and more likely) are what makes a build - at that time both perks are unlocked (but all not available), Innoculator has 4 slots, and investment in skilltrees and items which will made end-build starts. Builds with 56 points are hardly resembling ones with 22...

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With every patch gameplay and balance changes makes the basic game less and less enjoyable. Theres someone in development team making choises that killing playerbase more successfully than any bug. And also NC community management and advertising practices - they are just atrocious, imho