Neocore - could you answer some questions about current gear and Patch 2.0 please!


So I've just read up on the detailed list of 2.0 update (looks good btw) but I was wondering if I could fish for some more info about what happens to our existing characters when the update hits.

I've currently a level 77 Crusader range build - that uses mainly crit chance, and crit dmg equipment - so my questions are:

1. will our equipment be replaced with new equipment - kind of like for like.  or will our existing items become legacy, till we farm new ones?  For example will my Crusader suddenly find he can't do the levels and difficulty I currently can?

2. items that a player would have normally acquired though the course of the game - for example the shards, psalm codes ect. Will we get a bunch of these to start us off?

3. The Tarot cards that are currently locked or part of DLC, would these have been a considerable higher level by the time a player reaches lvl 80?  If so - will our existing cards be levelled up to match or do we have to do this ourselves? 

Guess I'm asking - do I need to start again when 2.0 drops or will it be easy for me to farm the new stuff because I have a high lvl character?

Any information on these would be great, and for what its worth you did the right thing delaying the game if it delivers a better product in the end.


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