Negative skill points...


I refunded skill points , then reapplied them . After when I levelled up at some point I noticed I was in the negatives. I tried to refund and re apply again but now I’m just completely short skill points and can’t even play the game... this is ridiculous for an $80 game . I tried relogging and nothing works. This needs to get fixed asap , this is a game breaking bug

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Negative skill points...
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143 days ago
I had this happen once, I think the issue was created the same way. The issue was solved when I re-set both trees. I don't know why the OP is upset. He got some skill points he shouldn't have had.
163 days ago
Can you confirm that the passive skilltree which you reset still has the same skills activated? 
165 days ago
Did this last night after it happened. Didn’t fix anything ....
166 days ago
Would you try to use one more consumable, reset a skilltree, then without redistributing the points, log out to the Main menu and log back? This workaround helped fixing the issue temporarily until a final fix comes. 

Our apologize for the caused inconvenience!