Need Moar Phyzaaakks


I was playing on the new patch and discovered some fun effects that I have rarely been able to replicate. 

I created a melee jump crusader with shield and hammer. And to my amusement there was several times when I did the jump, shield smash and start whipping the hammer around I was able to knock nurglings and sometimes even human size enemies into the air. Mind you, not the knockback or knockdown, but outright killing and flinging the corpse. It was awesome. As they spun through the air until they hit a wall or floor. 

The first time it happened it threw a twirling nurlging corpse at my camera and passed it. Two thumbs up.

I cannot speak for everyone, but I would love to see more of this. Especially now that I have noticed when you hit enemies with heavy weapons (like the hammer) and when it kills them, they ragdoll off to the side following the direction you actually hit them. This is a subtle but great feature and I applaud the effort and hope to see more polish and gore put into these. As stated before, would love to seem more over the top and gratuitous corpse flying for some weapons and effects.

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Need Moar Phyzaaakks
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