Need advice for lvl70-80


Until lvl 70, I could complete random missions to level up. However, lvl70 is the max. for random missions. I'm curently 73, and I don't really know what is the best way to level further. Lvl70 randoms give very little xp; using tarot to up the lvl to 80 is waaaaay too much, its a nightmare to do;  the Star Map only has <70 missions. I did intel missions, but I will run out of those. I do Void Crusades, but I don't want to do those all the time, there is no alternative? I need advice on this, thanks in advance.

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Need advice for lvl70-80
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4 years 257 days ago
They increase in level, starting at lv 50.
4 years 257 days ago
Oh, forgot Warzone, will look at them, too, thx. As you suggested them, I presume they are level matched to me.
4 years 257 days ago
Using the right tarot cards, you should not run out of intel missions, doing a few crusades in between.

But yes, easiest way to level up are intel missions/crusades/warzones.