Name for Lobby CHat


Is there any way to alter/adjust the "account" that we had to create when installing the game, which is used in the lobby chat? Mine is lowercase and I was trying to determine a way to change it, but to no avail. Any mods/devs know if its possible?

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Name for Lobby CHat
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6 years 264 days ago
This is not possible yet. But we will see!
6 years 263 days ago
Thanks for the response, Morzan - I guess if have to wait till the launch of the release version it wouldn't really matter!
6 years 259 days ago
I appreciate that this is way down on the 'To do' list, but I would like to alter my Account name, a typo error on my part in my case.

 A suggestion would be to add a confirm step in it's creation, that would show how the name will appear, just a thought.