Mysterious Gemstone Fix?


I never got the mysterious gemstone from the Romany camp in Croakwood on my main character. Apparently if you don't get it before they leave the camp, you can never get it (who thought this was a good idea, honestly?).

How exactly am I supposed to fix this quest?

I've tried joining multiplayer games and redoing the Journey to the Ink quest and revisiting the Romany camp, the gemstones drop in both expected locations and I'm able to put them in the statue, but as soon as I leave and go back to solo all that progress is gone.

If I try going to the two locations I know the gemstones are supposed to drop in solo (not multiplayer) they don't drop.

I've spent 3 hours researching and running around maps like a madman trying to fix this. I don't want to start over just for this one stupid quest, I already have like 25+ hours spent on this character.

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Mysterious Gemstone Fix?
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7 years 36 days ago

Thank you for your feedback, we apologise for the caused inconvenience. We are going to investigate the issue and implement a solution in the upcoming update.

6 years 321 days ago

any update on this? I have the same problem.

 any temporary workarounds like editing the quest .cfg or a way to spawn a gem?

Whats the timeline on the upcoming update?

6 years 180 days ago

I have kinda the same problem.

I can't get third gemstone for the second statue. I search all 3 places (Dreadworks, Hidden treasure and research station). I believe I never got a gemstone from Hidden Treasure quest, only gold.

Command /FixQuest 11 does not help.

4 years 128 days ago

  I'm stuck with the same issue, what is the solution ?


4 years 128 days ago

Did you try /FixQuest 11 in chat? That should resolve the problem.

1 year 212 days ago
So any fix to this? /FixQuest 11 does not work.