My suggestions for the game



I've just finished my first mission for the game and while overall I enjoyed it I found there were at least three things I would have liked.

First my Inquisitor can not run and so wondering around the map was taking forever as it's a large map for a PC that can not run (speed things up).  So my suggestion is that each PC has a cooldown run ability in order to make large maps much easier to playthrough.

Second my mission was to locate 5 objects of importance which required me searching the entire map.  This map was quite large and as I could not run it was taking a long time to search.  Perhaps an Auspex ability could be created which would ping the nearest Mission Objective Item on the map, making the mission quicker to complete.

Third - It would be nice if the camera would rotate when the cursor hit the side of the screen instead of having to middle button click+hold.  Perhaps Q and E could be used to do this.

Despite the three things I've listed above I thoroughly enjoyed my first play.

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My suggestions for the game
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7 years 143 days ago
  • Yeah for now the gameplay is a little slow due to not being very geared  but it will get better as more updates come out.
  • There should be a hotkey - ALT - but right now it does not seem to work to highlight anything.
  • This is something that has been mentioned getting fixed just not a priority right now.

Good suggestions :)

7 years 143 days ago
The other thing I would like to be added is that when you move your mouse over an item in your inventory, it displays a comparison between what you currently have equipped and what the 'new' item has.

I was buying new equipment when I got back from the first mission and found I had to open up the 'shop' look at what I want, then close it, open up my inventory window and have a look.

Would be easier if this was changed.