My game is unplayable


I have a character that is inundated with lag. But I have other characters that are not. This seems like a server side issue. 

please assist. 

I am on PS4, have rebuilt the DB 4 times and reinstalled the game data twice. I'm at a loss for what I can do. 

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My game is unplayable
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339 days ago
Not really, we could reproduce the issue almost right away but huge thanks for your offering!:)
343 days ago
I understand. What a strange bug. Is there anything I can provide that would faciliate further work on this issue?
344 days ago
Thanks, we found this problem on PS4 but it was supposed to be fixed months ago. Apparently didn't, so we will give this one another go. 

344 days ago
I can let them know over the chat channel or in Discord. 

I was actually prepared for this particular issue, although I didn't make the connection before. You see, I had been dabbling with maxing out Warfare and or Toughness. On a mission a couple weeks ago, I adjusted the values of these two attributes. During that session, I noticed instant lag when I maxed out the toughness tree. At the time, I estimated that it was a case of "don't change your stats unless you're on the bridge". Thinking it was a profile replication issue from me to the servers. Still not sure what the what, but that was where I looked first, based on your advice. 

Thanks heaps! 

346 days ago
Whoa,  that's great that you found it.  I'll remember that in case it happens to me or one of my buddies. Seems like it could happen to anyone.

Hopefully Neocore sees this and they can pinpoint why that would happen.  Glad it helped you out! 

348 days ago
Turns out, it was caused by having 25 pts into Toughness. :| 

I've got one item that increases toughness, Relic Main Implant, I wonder if the item is the cause? It's not glitched, it was a real drop. Non of that hacker crap for me, thank you very much. 

348 days ago

The issue started in the second part of a priority assignment.  I don't recall any gear swaps before this mission, but it's worth a shot to follow your suggestions.  

349 days ago

It's unfortunate you haven't seen a response yet. I can only offer my ideas for troubleshooting, if possible:

- Try removing all gear and items from the character's inventory and placing them in the shared Stash

- Buy or use enough Mind Reset items to fully refund all Passive skill points, and don't reassign them.

- If possible, empty out all Ability points (the 3 abilities on the Character page), and don't assign any.

- Remove the 3 Perk abilities also on that character page (if they can be removed instead of just swapped out)

Basically try to do everything you can to 'flatten' the character, then see if that improves anything after closing/restarting.  It won't fix Tarot card assignments, if that is a problem.

If it actually fixes it, then it's a matter of seeing what item/ability/passive is causing it (if it actually happens again).

Sounds like one weird problem to affect a single character. Can't think of anything else to try at the moment...

Edit: Oh yeah, and remove any Cosmetics from the character and anything you've placed on your ship (decorations, skulls, etc).  And maybe review if you have any outstanding Intel or Special Assignment missions on that mission summary screen (L2 then R1 over to the 3rd 'tab' for any missions). Maybe there's something stuck in there for that character.


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349 days ago
What is the normal turnaround time to get support for this game?