My first bug


Playing as a Crusader (sword & shield)

So I just finished killing a Nurgle Dreadnaught, and I was exploring the UI. I clicked and switched from sword & shield to a two handed hammer, and realized I didn't want that, so I clicked again to switch back. Game froze, but music was still playing. I tried to alt- tab, would not bring up windows or any other windows. Ctrl-alt-del would bring up task manager, but not show it. Black screen with music playing and the in game pointer was all that would show. I could not do anything except hard reboot.

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My first bug
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7 years 130 days ago
Found an alternative to hard rebooting just 5 mins ago. Press ctrl alt del and then choose to log off. Log back in and restart the game. Problem still exists that you cannot log back in for the game thinks you are still logged in and reconnect doesn't seem to work.
7 years 130 days ago
I will have to try and replicate and try your solution! Thanks! I just updated all my drivers just to make sure
7 years 130 days ago

I have not been able to complete a mission yet because of this bug. I think it's tied to switching weapons. At first I thought it was related to the Nurgle Dreadnoughts, but that's when I switch weapons the most.

I have tried full screen mode, border-less window mode, dropping to very low graphics settings, different resolutions, does not appear to be a graphics issue.

Also, for those trying to work around this, you should be able to alt-tab out, right click on the task bar, select Task Manager and then end the game task.

For what it's worth:

System Specs:



GTX 1070 (fully updated drivers)

Windows 10 64-bit (fully updated)

Both OS and Game are on SSD

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7 years 130 days ago

My game has frozen every time I attempt a mission. I've encountered the weapon switching bug once at the very start of a mission. Its also frozen 3 or 4 more times in the middle of a mission, usually when fighting a dreadnought with lots of other enemies on the screen. Bringing up the task manager will just open it in the background and you can't get to it, but if you go to options in the task manager window and set it to "always on top" seems to fix it.

7 years 130 days ago
Thanks for the feedback guys, we will work hard to fix this issue ASAP!